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Our Services

From a desire to simply see more birds and butterflies in your yard to multi-acre invasive plant removal projects, no service is too big or too small. 

Invasive Plant Species Removal

Invasive plant species are everywhere in Iowa, taking over thousands of acres (including residential neighborhoods). Using effective, low-impact tools, PFR removes these species and prevents their regrowth to help restore the health and beauty of your property. 

Refuse Removal

Refuse not only clogs up our lives, it damages the world around us and can diminish the value of your property. We are here to do the dirty work to get your property clean and healthy. We remove all types of refuse, including trash, junk, and debris, and  we dispose of it responsibly.

Native Species Consulting

At PFR, we understand the importance of planting and maintaining native plant species. That's why we provide expert advice on everything from sourcing to care. We can help you choose the right plants for your property and guide you through the planting process.

Native Species Installation

Did you know native plants not only make your yard more drought- and flood-resistant, but also provide critical habitat to native pollinators? If you want to see more birds and butterflies while immersing yourself in the beauty of what once spanned Iowa river to river, native plants are simply a must. Prairie Fire Restoration offers planting and seeding services to help establish healthy, native plants on your land.

Soil Quality Consultation

Erosion, compaction and poor land management can cause significant damage to your property and the environment. At PFR, we provide erosion-control services to help prevent erosion and enable your soil to better handle both flooding and droughts. Improving soil quality is key to restoring healthy landscapes. 

Soil Quality Restoration

Have a patchy, eroded yard? Want to help mitigate run-off into local water supplies? PFR will break through the thatch of yards with custom-inch aeration, and return nutrients to the soil with a compost application . Check with us to see if your city or county has a cost share program in your area - many do!

Rain Garden Planning

Rain Gardens are another tool in the water quality tool box. Capturing water and creating habitat is easy with a rain garden and we'd love to help you design it! Let us help bring more monarch butterflies to your yard while drawing water away from your home!

Rain Garden Installation

Putting design plans into action is the part we like the most. We use quick and efficient tools to get your rain garden established and we stay in touch with you over several seasons to check on its progress. Let PFR put in the labor while you enjoy the results every day. 

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