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About PFR

Learn a little but about who we are and why we do what we do!

Our Mission

Prairie Fire Restoration (PFR) is an environmental restoration company focused on creating and maintaining conservation-focused landscaping practices in both rural and urban settings. By prioritizing native species, climate-smart lawncare and stormwater management practices, PFR helps bring functionality, beauty and sustainability to Iowa’s landscape. Working closely with clients to find applicable cost-share opportunities from local and state funding sources, PFR not only completes work in a cost-effective manner but provides multi-season support to ensure success for every client. Since 2023, PFR has been dedicated to providing top-quality service and expertise, ensuring a greener future for generations to come, one property at a time.

Making A Difference Together

Join us in safeguarding our environment and restoring your local ecosystem. Contact us today to learn how we can help you beautify your space for the betterment of the planet.

Behind PFR

Meet Andy James

Andy James, owner and operator of Prairie Fire Restoration, has long been enamored with the beauty and wonder of the outdoors. From hunting with his dad and uncle from a young age to cross-country backpacking with his wife, Andy holds a close fondness for all things nature. As a Master Conservationist with certifications in both woodland management and rain garden planning, Andy works closely with county and state resources to stay informed on all things conservation.


Prioritizing client relationships is easy for Andy, who holds a sincere appreciation for others interested in climate-smart land care practices. Andy resides in Des Moines with his wife, Katie, who together serve as co-guardians for her teenage brother, Kurtis. With three dogs, many chickens and a couple of acres in town, Andy stays busy with family and home projects when he's not working with PFR clients!


Education & Certifications

Master Conservationist

Master Woodland Steward

Rain Garden Design

Rain Garden Installation

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